Gallery 9 - Lets Get Closer

In the past Father has worked on many things, universally and at the same time,
without our manipulation or intervention.
At this time He is working universally with the body to inspire intimacy with Him,
to lead us once again into His glorious Presence,
and when each of us individually has found that place with Him,
we will then be in a place to contribute to the body as a whole.


As I was praying for a friend I saw how we can drag our burdens along with us on our walk with Father. How comfortable we get with our burdens, so much so that we hardly recognise them as such.

It is wonderful to be liberated from the pain we carry. Father has given us ways to do this, forgivness, mercy, trust. All are pathways to freedom from burdens,

and then we will soar as eagles.



The original translation reads,

'Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking'

If we are to get to our hearts destination, we must persevere and never give up.



Often I meet fellow travellers on the 'The Way', some shine with hardly any effort it seems while others strive to glow yet are dim. Why is this I wondered, the answer came, 'Once the light is within you, your focus on Jesus will cause you to shine, your focus on shining will cause you to dim'.





I had a dream, the essence of fear was a dense black intelligent form, terrifyingly silent.
I prayed fervently to be delivered from this essence of fear.

(See below)





The trust in Father's love for me came to my rescue.
Whatever He wills, must be for my good, therefore yet though He slay me, I will trust in Him.


As I prayed I saw the war that rages within each of us and wider, within the Church, the war with flesh.


Whose image do those around you see when they look at you, someone once said, “we become most like the people we spend most time with”, so it follows, if you spend time with Him you will become like Him.


The world is beautiful, it is still only a reflection of the incredible beauty of God.
New every morning is His grace.


The prayer of hope is sometimes a desperate plea but with it comes a quiet expectancy,
not always of our own desires fulfilled but the knowledge that His way is best.


The prayer of faith is not a struggle to convince ourselves, it is a submission firstly to the will of God and then an impartation from Him, an inner knowledge of His will and the complete assurance of His ability to perform it.


The infilling of love is the infilling of God Himself
There are many facets to the Christian life, the gifts are important, but the fruit, is necessary.
When we enter eternal life the gifts will not remain, only the fruit.