Gallery 8 - For The Joy Set Before Him

This series is about the enduring of Jesus and those who follow in His footsteps.
The way is fraught with sorrow and suffering.
The focus must be on the joy set before us, just as it was for Him.
When we set our eyes on the goal and not on the present sorrows, we will, as He did, endure. Until the perfect day when we will spend eternity with Him, in the garden of God.


His way of working with us is non intrusive. He is truly Gentle.


Yeshua invites us to a party, because He is omnipresent, He can pick each of us up from where we are, and bring us to the party.
Each of our journeys is very different, we all live in different places and so our experiences of the journey to the party differ.


There are some truths about the journey, which are the same for all, our host remains the same.
In the light of this, doctrinal issues seem unimportant


How amazing, we have only to align our will to His, take a step and the grace to fulfil His purpose is poured out upon us.




When the end comes, the whole of creation will be renewed, we will wake up to a perfect day, there will be no pain, no death, no sadness, only light and life and love


As I was praying with a friend, he shared how sometimes it is difficult to find the presence of God. Just when he felt he was getting close, it evaporated and he felt as though he had lost it and had to begin again.

As we prayed I saw this picture, the dove represents God, just as the man gets close, the dove moves, it appears to the man, in his dark tunnel, that the dove is eluding him. From the outside we can see that the dove is leading him through the dark place. It is good to pray with each other, for mutual support.


There are times when He reveals Himself in such a way that we are caught up in His beauty and are completely satisfied.




Whenever I feel distant from Father, I visualise an altar. On it I place everything that comes to mind, everything that is a barrier, I give it all as an offering to God.
Then the way is clear and I can know His presence again.



I hear many kinds of prayer.
Although Father hears all, it is the most sincere heartfelt prayers that speak the loudest.


There is a parallel between Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, and God the Father's sacrifice of Jesus.
Abraham was called 'God's friend' and as such he was given insight into the ultimate sacrifice of a parent, his only child.
It is hard enough to realise the sacrifice Jesus made through the eyes of Jesus.
It is harder to realise the sacrifice of the parent through the eyes of the Father


We all have our burdens and pain.
He carried them all and so He understands completely


We are called to pick up our cross and follow Him, it is the Way.
There will be pain and suffering along this Way.
If we keep our focus on the eternal and not on the temporary, we will endure and come out into the light.


During a difficult time in my life, I discovered the secret of praising God in and for all things, Eph 5:20
I found that if I could verbalise praise to God for everything, even the hardest of circumstances, the attitude of my heart very soon followed my words. The outcome was peace and genuine praise.
A thankful heart is a precious thing in the eyes of God, especially if we don't understand His ways but trust Him anyway.