Gallery 7 - At The End Of Time

This series is called 'At the end of time’ all the pictures in this set
relate somehow to the end times as recorded in revelation.
I have learned that all scripture must be interpreted by the One who wrote it
and not by our own limited understanding.
I have determined not to presume understanding unless I receive revelation from the Lord


One night I dreamed I was in a service, it was a funeral with a difference; there was an atmosphere of celebration, and completeness. There were also two boxes on the table, one with a dead child and the other with a living child, sitting up and looking around. I had no idea what this meant, only that it was very vivid and significant.

During my prayer time I felt moved to share the dream with others, I did so and it was a 10 year old who gave me the understanding and interpretation of the dream.

The two children were creation; the first was over, and the second about to be established.
‘And a little child shall lead them


I had a dream - an angel came from the sky, his wings were radiant, his face dark and twisted. Lights went out from him. The people were deceived and through these lights were contaminated by the enemy of souls. 'How can we be restored' I cried out, "Repent and I will deliver you" came the voice of Father.

When I painted this I came to a standstill at the face. In the dream I had looked briefly at the face and immediately looked away so I could not recall any detail. As I put the black paint on the palette a face immerged within the paint, I copied it.

This was a dream, I saw homes being slowly consumed by the waves of rising water

We often have more compassion and understanding for those who need physical healing than for those who need spiritual deliverance.
We need to remember, people are indwelt by demonic powers because they have been deceived,. very rarely because they desire it.
They need compassion and understanding and deliverance.

During a time of quiet prayer I found myself utterly surrounded by love, with God as Father on the one side and the Holy Spirit as Mother on the other side.
Never before had I seen the feminine side of God.
He/She is all in all.


Shalom means wholeness. The more we focus on Him, the Light, the greater our growth into wholeness.



This is an abstract of the stages of life with God.
There are many times when it looks as though God's path leads us backwards, it does not.
When we look back at how far we have come, we can see His choice of pathway is true

During a time of prayer and contemplation about the death and resurrection of Jesus, I had the most amazing revelation.
Jesus walked through hell, with death desperately trying to grasp hold of Him all the way.
The enemy of our souls needs indwelling evil to latch onto, there was no evil within the heart of Jesus, nothing that could be a foothold for the enemy. Death failed and Jesus walked out of hell and back into life.

I painted this at a time in my life when Father was at work within me, with the understanding that when He has completed the sometimes painful yet sweet re-creation of that particular facet of my character, He will move on to the next facet that needs repairing.
It is important to sometimes focus on the work within but not become so consumed by it that we loose the focus of the work without.

One night I had a dream, I was walking around two groups of people, the older group were alike to Palestinians, the younger group were alike to Israelis.
A young man from the older group was taunting a young boy wearing a kappa. I turned and spoke sincerely to him, "please, don't do that".
I was alone with the older brother and we talked, the outcome was 'forgiveness'
He said "every time I speak reasonably to him, he puts his hand on his gun" I answered "then you must put your hand on your heart and be an example to your little brother".
The two brothers were then separated from their groups and reconciled.

This relates to the end harvest when the last trumpet will blow and He will reap His own. It is not an evangelical harvest, more a harvest of souls being caught up in the air to be with Him forever at last .


This was a dream, thousands upon thousands came across the water to our land. There was no expression on their faces, just an air of purpose about them. I couldn't see their purpose but I did feel as though it had a serious nature.