Gallery 6 - The Way

When Christianity was born, those involved were called the followers of ‘The Way’.
The paintings in this set are all significant arrows towards ‘The Way’


I was praying for a friend when I saw this, it shows how at times, we wade though what seems like mud and mire until we get to our personal barricades and then, if we keep going we get through them. I am amazed and inspired by the determination and resilience of the human spirit.

Someone wise once told me "Never, never, never give up!



Throughout our lives, many trials assail us.
Some are attacks from the enemy of our souls. Some are disciplines from God as Father.
Learn to discern between the two. Resist the one and stand in trust.
Embrace the other as discipline, with open arms, it is the instrument of eternal internal change.


This was painted using a sculpture as the model. I made the sculptor at a Christian festival and painted the 'Light Bearer' at another festival.


As I was praying with a friend, we became aware of the presence of Jesus, He was so close.


This is the ultimate invitation, when He says "Come walk with Me"




There are times when, to walk with Father, we must go alone into the thick darkness where He is.

"The people stood at a distance, but Moses approached the thick darkness where God was".
Exodus 20:21


One of my children used to say rays of light were like lifts to heaven



This is part two and is a close up of part 1.


The more we allow Him to purify us, the closer we will be to Him and the more effective we will be for Him.

Safe at  Kate Austin



I have found that if I can learn to focus on Him in whatever circumstances I find myself, all is well with my soul.



When photographing this picture, the sun came out and shone in the shape of a cross (Abandoned 2). Consequently there are two pictures, one of the original and one with God's special effects.


As Above...