Gallery 5 - Through The Veil

This series signifies where I most desire to be, in the Holy of Holies with my Father.
I have found there are many veils in life, which can be a barrier between God and us.
They can be of our own making and also as a result of external circumstances.
Our Father is a faithful deliverer from them all, without exception.
There is nothing, not even ourselves which can separate us from the love of God


Our instincts are put into us at the point of our creation, very often, we are not even aware of them until we need them


We now have access to The Father in the Holy Place.
Enter with humility and the assurance of love.

Unity  at Kate Austin,



Wherever we go in the world, we will meet others who know and love Him


Some have the outward signs of godliness, some have the inner reality




The Fathers care for us is so great, He covers us in all things. Even from the brightness of His Glory which if unveiled before us would consume us utterly and completely.


Geese have a message to share, consider how they work together as one body. Each takes his turn in front, some longer than others. Then moves back when his strength is spent and another moves up to take his place. They fly in the shelter of the one in front and cover the one behind at the same time.


This is as it should be in the body of Christ

Whatever our external appearance, we have the image of Father imprinted within us, we may see the external, He sees the internal.



This piece is in two parts. Part one lays on the floor, you stand with your feet at the edge of the grass and look down into it. The Everlasting Arms is the second part.




This is the second part. It hangs on the wall above the Precipice. It is dedicated to an old friend of mine. He lived his life on the edge of a pit, and finally at the end of it, as he fell, he found The Everlasting Arms underneath him.


Be at peace Simon James


We are all on a journey, it would be foolish to presume or to give others the impression we have arrived. We all have areas of depravation and darkness, if we allow the light to fill us completely the darkness will be dispelled.



I saw the finger of The Holy Spirit write the word 'Redeemed ' on my forehead with white fire.


There are many places of difficulty and many times of hardship in our walk with Father. Worship is the pathway which leads us through. A thankful heart will always triumph.