Gallery 3 - The Call To Battle

Spiritual warfare is part of a Christians walk, whether it be self-protection and management, or for the sake of others. We all need to be aware of the enemy’s schemes yet at the same time not become obsessed with them


Angels are the messengers of our Father and He uses them in His great plan to bring us His Words, His Grace, His Strength. They are not to be worshiped as independent from Him but recognised as a part of His creation in line with His Will.


This piece was painted on 7.7.2005 The day of the London bombing. As I painted I prayed and the lights became souls returning home. I had no knowledge of the tragedy until I had finished.


I was asked to speak at a 'Good News Supper.' As I was praying for the people who would attend, Father gave me this picture. All the birds are hungry, not just for earthly bread but for heavenly bread. When I arrived at the 'supper' I saw that most of the visitors were people with questions about life, and were searching for answers. I hope and pray Father gave them what they came for.



The Wind of God

The Wind of God

The Father's Holy Spirit goes where He wills it, we are not in control, He is. There is no point chasing the Spirit here and there, if someone tells you "He is in the desert" do not go there. Our calling is to surrender, trust, listen and obey, that is our joy.

The Father has given us all we need to defend ourselves. Each part of the armour is a tool and each is appropriate for a different circumstance. If we learn and remember to use all of them we are safe.


This picture was inspired by the natural disasters that are happening in the world. It represents the complete devastation a community feels when so much is lost, yet there is still hope. The people who give themselves freely to help rebuild lives, they are the gemstones and they bring hope.
(There are precious gems sunk into the picture, they are more visible face to face)

I had just sketched this picture when I was asked to do a commission for a wedding. It was perfect for them

While this one was in the hall a visitor saw it and said they thought it was slightly out of proportion, that in comparison to the man the Saviour was too big. I thought to myself "Yes, it is out of proportion, I have painted the Saviour much smaller than He is in relation to man."

This piece is touchable so that a blind person can 'see' it.



Our times are not of our own choosing, they are God's. He will provide the grace needed for us to stand. Remember always that the kingdom of God is within you.

There were three of us, we were all so completely aware of Him and unaware of each other that His presence was like a fire in the midst of us.





I am constantly amazed at how much bigger than my imagination is our God. I am also constantly amazed how involved He is in the minute details of His creation. Behold the size of our God, from one extreme to the other.