Gallery 12 - This set is called 'Why'

As I sought Father about painting the last set of twelve, I was given a small glimpse into the reason for creation. The seven days of creation have their parallel in the seven events, which bring about the un-creation. And these are just the prequel to the reason.

So this set is dedicated to those who keep their love and trust alive and walk through this creation into the next.


Creation 1 by


The creation series:


The seven days of creation are painted on one side of the circular piece of wood and the seven days of un-creation are painted on the other side.



The more I looked into the seven days of creation and the seven seals/scroll/trumpet/bowls of revelation, the more I saw the parallels between them.



How wonderfully Father creates and re-creates, without flaw or loose end.



Everything will be beautifully wrapped up and finished before He begins His next Event.



The piece with the scroll has the seven days of creation written on one side and the revelation of the New Creation on the other.

In the centre is a diamond, representative of the New Creation.

Wrap up 1 , by Kate@
Creation 2 by Wrap up 2, by Kate@
Creation 3 by Wrap up 3 , by Kate@
Creation 4 by Wrap up 4, by Kate@
Creation 5 by Wrap up 5 , by Kate@
Creation 6 by Wrap up 6, by Kate@
Creation 7 by Wrap up 7 , by Kate@




View from the West by

View from the West


I was praying one morning, "Lord, how will I know when you are returning?" I looked out of the window and this was my answer.

Like Eagles,by

Like Eagles


I was out walking when I felt compelled to look up, there above me were three buzzards, they soared effortlessly, just like eagles. Father showed me that walking in the Spirit is our way of riding the wind.

Forgive by



Trying to forgive because we know we should is hard. However, in our weakness, Father God is strong and as long as we are willing, He will make a way.


Primary Colours by Kate,

Primary Colours


This was inspired by a dream, I was in a place like no other, and surrounded by pillars of colours I have never seen before. Colours I cannot describe, because they have no earthly names.

Man's Purpose by Kate@





Man's Purpose



I have always been concerned with what is going to happen to those who do not choose Christ. My belief is that the piece of God put within them at the point of creation will return to Him at their death and so the God piece in everyone is eternal.