Gallery 11 - Keep going

The pathway to intimacy with Father is checkered with suffering, repentance and surrender. At times they are His arrows that point the way to a closer walk, until we are at one with Him and learn to remain on the heights as eagles.


Garden of the Soul, Kate@

Garden of the Soul


I have always loved Song of Songs, it has taught me to find the garden within and meet with Him there.

I saw the wider allegory of the garden, where we are all planted into His garden.

I painted this during a quiet day I was leading. Each of the attendees was beautiful in their own way and one in particular was travelling in a very different direction from the others.

During a small prayer group meeting I saw the image of a calling I have interacted with throughout the whole of my walk.

During a time of quiet prayer, after listening to a modern day monk, I saw clearly the trapping of our modern world. So many seek fulfilment from external sources.

This is oil pastel on board with magazine images glued on.

So many people are afraid to be true to themselves, yet Father does not interact with falsehood. The only way to sustain a relationship with Him is to be true.

The image on the front of the door is a magazine cut out, painted. The door is hinged and opens to reveal the figure.

Some of the most difficult pieces have come from personal experience. This is definitely one of them.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer


I was contemplating the character of God. Justice seemed to be a lost word, in my mind fairness took its place and I understood. He cannot bear unfairness, everything, whether thought or deed must be fair.

The cross is wood and the words are cut from a newspaper.




How great and gracious is the love of God in Christ Jesus.
There have been times in my walk where I have felt frustrated because I thought myself to be ineffective for God. I have since learned, true activity for Him comes from being in Him.
'I took this image from a card with a similar image. It was made by a friend I met at an art workshop. It had such an impact on me and on those I shared it with, I decided to ask her permission to paint one myself. She graciously complied'
I see all around me, people almost overwhelmed by trials and tribulations. It is easy to judge and blame trials on sin. There are times however when sin is not the cause and like Job, we are being proved.