Gallery 10 - Come back to Me

Father is calling us out of our idolatry, Out of our worship of each other, Out of our worship of self. To a purity of holiness, And an unadulterated oneness with Him. ‘Oh how I long to gather you As a mother hen gathers her chicks. Return to Me oh Israel, Return to Me, My people, And I will bless you’.


This was shown to me at a large gathering of Christians, I felt sickened by the adoration of the masses, not for our Lord, but for the face on the stage.

I saw this during a time of prayerful seeking direction. Many roads can seem bright but in the light of the true way, they are dim.

This is quite a small piece; I painted it during a difficult time. Much of our growth is only seen when we bear fruit.

This I saw when praying with a friend, a situation where all that had been relied on was removed. Yet the life of God is constant and grows in its time.

After a painful experience in my own life, the Lord renewed me with His Presence.

I was hemmed in on all sides; everything in my life was a trial. I tried prayer warfare but to no avail. Then He spoke.

This happened during a time of prayer with a friend, (I have many friends I pray with). We had been silently focusing on His Presence for a while when I had the most beautiful feeling of His love filling me. It was the Kiss of life. The folds in His robe are painted with 18-carat gold.

This is a portrayal of the nearness of the end of time. I am not overly concerned with the stages we are in, I am trusting that the Father alone knows the day and hour and will guide us as long as we remain in Jesus.

A close friend’s grandfather died and as I was praying for the family, this was the image I saw.

I did some training of a counselling nature and found my own childhood damage, this was where I left it and was healed.

I have had one true love in this life; he has gone before me. But love is stronger than death.


Just as the disciples were devastated and felt abandoned when Jesus died, so there are times when we feel abandoned, even by God.
We are not, it is just that we do not always understand His ways.
We can be sure that when the time comes, He will reveal Himself and lift our heads.