Gallery 1 - A Spiritual Walk Through Art

Can the creator speak through art? I believe He can.
This is not just a collection of paintings,

It is a spiritual experience in art, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.
They are painted revelations from God, may you receive revelation also.


In The Presence of The Light

In The Presence of The Light


This was my first painting. This is the only original which hangs in my house.

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Chosen Before Creation

Chosen Before Creation


I saw this in a vision during a time of prayer and meditation. I was reading Genesis when the Spirit of God hovered over the water and then I saw that we were there, with Him, before the creation of the world.

The Journey, Kate @ Christart

The Journey


When I was a young child I had a dream, this painting is the opening to the dream. I was aware that you cannot see anything supporting the stone steps and the distance between them seems great. However they are so worn that many must have journeyed this way before and if we trust and take that step we will be protected by the unseen power of our Father.


Feed my sheep, Kate @ Christart

Feed My Sheep


I saw this piece in a vision while I was praying and meditating on the Scriptures. It was as though the five loaves and two fish came from heaven into our world through the Hands of the Saviour. After painting the fish came the loaves and then the hands. My brother is a carpenter so his hands were the ideal model to make the mould from. Making the holes in the hands was very emotional, I dug them out with a large nail.


The Sacrifice, Kate @ Christart

The Sacrifice


During a church service I received the revelation of the effect of the burden the Saviour carried, I wept. The picture was made using a plaster of paris model of Christ painted flesh colour. It took a long time and I struggled with Father to complete the next stage, I put the body in a bag and smashed it with a mallet, then painted all the exposed white plaster blood colour. I wept.


For this one I used a friend's foot, when it was finished I asked his mother to pray and anoint the picture. She produced a bottle of spikenard and as she prayed she wept. At exhibitions I place the spikenard by the picture so that anyone who feels moved can anoint the foot also. It is important to note here that the pictures are windows into God just as many other things are.


This one is the first of a set of three. Each one is a painting in its own right but they do follow on from each other and lead us deeper into the light. This picture has been used by Father on several occasions at exhibitions to give an understanding to non-Christians of Christianity and has resulted in commitment.


This one grew from 'The Morning Star', I saw this one and 'Full Immersion' in a moving vision after 'The Morning Star' was complete. I didn't know there would be a series of three when I did the first.


I love this one, this is where I want to be


I was just dropping off to sleep when I saw this one, it was incredibly vivid so I sketched it in a book I keep by my bed. As I started to paint I saw that a section of the crown was 3d and protruded from the picture. Within the 3d part of the crown is a sky blue glass jewel and some very sharp nails which protrude through the headband giving the impression of a crown of thorns within.


I didn't know what this would be until it was finished. I had a vision of the golden light while praying and as I painted I saw the light reflecting on thousands of heads. This took the greatest amount of time, as I put in each head I dedicated it to someone I knew.


The Southern Cross is a constellation which can be seen in several parts of the world. It was almost dream like in its creation. I painted it because I wanted an alternative 'cross' to hang on the wall.