About the Artist

Although Kate has always loved art she has had no formal training. She began to paint mainly oil on plywood after receiving a 'calling' from God. Kate paints all of the pictures during prayer..


Kate working in her studio



Kate’s own words:

Kate working in her studio

“I have had my share of tragedy and difficulty, no more or less than others. I have many supportive friends who have encouraged, prayed with and for, and helped me up when I have fallen. I have come through those times with a greater depth of trust in my Father and a greater understanding of my own weakness and His Strength. I thank Him for those times and the change He has wrought in me through them.

One of the most important things about my walk is the way Father has led me to pray, I believe prayer is the process of knowing and becoming known progressively, it is more listening than it is talking, more stillness than activity.

My desire is to be so completely filled with Him that He is not just a part of me but all of me and I am a part of Him.

All the glory for who I am goes to my Father God as my creator.”