About the Art

How it all began:
During a time of prayer I experienced a series of inner impressions,
“Take the plywood from the fireplace and empty the gift of oil paints you have, all over it, at random intervals”
This I did.
“Take the key from the centre of a pack of wall plugs and weave the paint together”.
This I also did.

In The Presence of The Light

I put the resulting picture in my room and was captivated by the warmth of the glow that seemed to radiate from within it.
Then, during another time of prayer, I 'saw' my first ‘art vision’; I saw the image of a kneeling figure with the reflection of light upon it. I bought a brush and ‘The Presence of The Light’ was created.

Seven years later I felt a calling from God to paint.

From then on, as I paint, I experience the same inner impressions as I did in the first painting. They last for the duration of each piece of artwork. If they stop I stop. There have been times however where I have carried on and had to wipe off ‘my work’ and start again.

Art has the unique ability to ‘speak’ to all, breaking down barriers of language, culture etc. Some of them are intricate pieces of artwork and some of them are more simple.

They are not idols; they are symbols or windows into the Heart of a loving and all powerful Father, to be used as inspiration to draw near to Him.
I have seen women weep over ‘The Anointing’ as they rubbed spikenard into the foot.
I have seen people ‘converted’ through ‘The Morning Star’.
I have seen long standing Christians who have been hurt and withdrawn re-commit with renewed passion.
I have seen as many different responses to this art as there are individuals.

As I have no formal art training, the glory for the artwork therefore must go to my Father God.