Encounters with God


Below are some of the stories of those who have been touched by Father

through the artwork

Before I describe what happened to me, it may be useful to hear a bit of background information.

Kate’s Art has had a profound effect on me. I remember an evening exhibition I went to where I saw ‘The Open Door.’ I was transfixed by this piece of work; I just could not take my eyes off it. There was something very powerful which kept drawing me to it. Even now, it is still my favourite piece of artwork.

At another exhibition, I remember seeing ‘The Door’ and ‘The Open Door’ together in a frame. Again, I felt powerfully drawn to this piece of work and loved looking at it. ‘The Door’ was the piece of work, which would help to unlock something within me.

In August 2006, I went to visit my sister at a Christian gathering. I was very excited, yet when I arrived I started to feel nervous and could feel my automatic barriers erect themselves. Once my defences go up nothing really gets through.

In the morning we went to the meeting tent. I felt quite self-conscious and not at all relaxed. As the band started to play and sing I really enjoyed the songs but still could not let myself go, something was holding me back.

Suddenly, the closed door in the picture of ‘The Door’ was in my head, it was my barrier, my defence surrounding me. The hand was there on the door. In my head I was saying, “I want you to come in, but you are going to have to knock this door down as I cannot do it. You will have to break it down.”

Within what can only be described as smaller than a mille-second, the hand crashed through the door whilst something entered me through the top of my head and seemed to leap out again. I was in shock; I had to hold onto the chair in front of me to steady myself as I thought I would fall. Tears welled in my eyes and I had to really fight not to cry.

Four months have passed since that event. I believe something did come into me, and maybe something else came out. I know He is real, although I do not understand many things. Whatever happens in my life, I know things will be fine in the end.

 Shona (Newark)


During the week of the Bridgend exhibition there were many who came in and just cried, there were several who wanted to talk and there were two who prayed for salvation.

One in particular sticks in my mind,

The lady came in and stood quietly at the back with tears rolling down her face, my heart went out to her, as I looked at her I saw a beautiful and intelligent woman, damaged almost beyond recognition.

I went over to her and offered a listening ear, she explained how she had been abused and because of such great pain within she has been cutting herself, to relieve the pain.

My heart broke when she showed me her arms and legs and the gashes she had cut out of herself.

“I have tried everything,” she cried.

I asked her simply if she was ready to try God, she said yes, I took her hand and we went and sat on one of the pews.

Through both of our tears, I led her in the prayer of salvation; afterwards, she prayed silently for a while and then looked up at me with shining eyes and a huge smile.

“That’s exactly how it is,” she said pointing to one of the pictures.

I looked over and there was the picture from gallery 6 ‘The breath of God’

We talked a little while longer and then she left.

The amazing thing about painting a revelation from God, is when you see others receive the same revelations through your inadequate painting.

Kate Austin

 I  went to visit The ChristArt Exhibition. As I was viewing them I was amazed and taken in by this spiritual and extraordinary art work, especially one in particular. ‘The Morning Star’ (gallery 1).
I felt dizzy, as though I was being drawn into the picture.
I felt as though the person in the picture was me and that God was looking for me instead of me looking for Him.
It was such a strong feeling, I kept going back to it, I could hardly drag myself away. Unknown to me (at the time) that was where I was at in my life, and since then I have come into the light and given my heart to the Lord. Then I understood what the star in the heart meant. I now have peace, love and reality in my life with God. Thank you Father.


We wanted to write to you following our delivery of the print of the painting ‘The Journey’ we ordered from you. The Lord has used the picture to encourage us, and every time we look at it we are reminded of the very special weekend we had when we visited the exhibition, which proved to be a major turning point for us in our marriage. The picture is a great talking point and many people visiting our home have asked us about it. We have been able to witness for the Lord through the picture and we trust that good seeds are being sown every time we talk about it.

Bill and Helen, Hertfordshire


I was shopping when I saw the sign for the art exhibition in the church; I hadn’t been in a church for quite a while so I was a little apprehensive. I like art so I went in. it was not at all what I was expecting. This was not the kind of art I had ever seen before, it had a spiritual dimension to it that caught me off guard and made me feel warm at times and very uncomfortable at others. I spoke briefly to the lady monitoring the exhibition and took one of her cards so I could look at more of this art on her web site. I put the card away thinking I would forget all about it by tomorrow. How wrong I was, I could not get the pictures out of my head. I dreamed about them, they kept coming into my mind all day. This lasted about three months before I finally got the courage and emailed the lady through the web site. She explained that maybe God was trying to reach me and how I might like to respond. I prayed for the first time in many years and asked that I might belong to Him. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe it, after all these years (I was in my 70’s), I had finally found what I was looking for. I started going to a local church and I have never looked back.

John, Stroud.


"I saw the ChristArt Exhibition recently at Leyland, Lancashire. I came away deeply moved and with a lasting impression of it. I have gained a lot over the years, from reading the Bible, listening to Priests and Preachers, joining in discussions about faith, Jesus and God, but through ChristArt I began a new deeper understanding and a closeness to Jesus I hadn’t felt before. It awoke a yearning within me to discover more. I found some of the paintings difficult to look at; difficult to accept what Jesus really did for us. This made me feel such love and thankfulness to God my Father for sending his only Son here to save us all." June


When I attended a workshop Kate was leading, it was truly amazing!

God had brought Kate and I together only once before and we had ‘gelled.’ By going on her website prior to the workshop, God had impacted my life in such a way, that I knew Kate’s paintings by name, in a powerful way – I believe He was connecting us, for His glory.

I met my wonderful Father in such a deeper more intimate way than I had ever encountered Him before, it was truly magnificent. He took me to a deeper level in Him and raised me up on eagle’s wings, for sure, I was flying high!

The day before the workshop, I prayed earnestly for God to give me the picture that He wanted me to paint and the message that He wanted me to speak. Then on the day of the workshop, He confirmed to me the Scripture that He had given me the day before. John 15:5 “I am the Vine and you are the branches, if you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from Me you can do nothing.”

The Holy Spirit was so powerful in and on me that day that He was using me as His paintbrush! I had never painted so ‘free’ before, but on that day, I sensed God saying to me as I picked the pencil up to draw, “Put it down – I have set you free!” and free I was. Free to worship God in a deeper way than I had ever before worshiped. With every brush stroke He was guiding my hand! I was the paintbrush in His hand! It was amazing!

God told me that if we become separated from the Vine (Him), we will shrivel and die. Jesus shed His blood for us to set us free. When Jesus sets us free, we are free indeed.

Pearl,  Lancashire


I was walking past my neighbour’s house when I happened to glance through the gate into the conservatory. There was a picture hanging in there that affected me so deeply I was physically shaken. It was so vibrant it almost seemed alive. I felt as though it had come towards me at some speed and hit me in the chest. All of a sudden, God, religion, everything I had previously not understood fully, made sense. I knocked on the door (unheard for me to be so bold) and tried to explain what had just happened. She invited me in and I am very happy to say, I now have a relationship with a God who is very real to me.

Sarah, Whitby


“I had no pre-conceived ideas about how the afternoon of meditation and art would evolve.  The actual contemplation part for me was quite enlightening as I am not usually able to keep my mind from wandering.  However, despite outside distractions, I found myself deep in meditation.  I saw a circle of light rotating and after a while this one light split into three, which continued to rotate, I have no idea how long this went on for.
I chose a board and used acrylic paint as I could see in the grain of wood what I wanted to do.  It turned out to be a landscape.  In the background there two large hills and an imposing sky, below were fields and meadows and below that was a large flowing river.  To the right of the picture was a large leafless tree.  The painting was quite dark and foreboding but for a large sun, coming up or going down, (I couldn't make my mind up).  This illuminated the hills.
When we had finished our paintings we then shared our reasons for what we had produced.  I found this very emotional and when it was my turn to speak I found I couldn't say all that I wanted because of a very large lump in my throat.
I have always believed in God.  As a child I went to Sunday School and Church and was eventually confirmed but I have never felt anything at church services so do not attend regularly.  Since becoming a gardener I feel Gods presence every day and give thanks that I can enjoy and wonder at his creation.  Although my prayers are said solitarily I know he understands that this is my way.
My perception of God has changed slightly in that I realise he visits us all in his own way and that we are really not alone.”

Kathy, Gloucester


I was at someone’s house when I saw the picture.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I must have stood in front of it just staring for at least ten minutes before someone spoke and asked me if I was ok.

‘Yes’ I said, ‘its that picture, I was in a coma a few years ago, and while I was in it, that is what I saw.’

Steve, Lincolnshire.

‘At the end’ gallery 1



I bought "A journey in prayer" DVD at Spring Harvest & have just found the time today to be still, to listen to the music & view the artwork & the captions. I loved it & was moved & thrilled by what I saw & heard from the Father's heart. Thanks to you & your friends who collaborated on the piece. It was truly inspirational.

Sue of Rotherham


The night in question was the 25th of October 2010. I was to be found stood at the very edge of life, battered and broken by the relentless and savage blows from pain, betrayal and rejection.

As a young man I was pummeled into submission to end my life, as in an all encompassing darkness I could see no light, for a brain tumour held a loaded gun to my head and like a thief in the night it had stolen much of my sight. I stumbled and fell to my knees whilst tears stung my eyes as if to punish me for daring to cry out one last time. As the will to live ebbed slowly from my veins, I looked at what was once a life before circumstance burned it to the ground. As I choked on the ashes of my cremated future I was overwhelmed by the vision of Jesus on the Cross. To the internet I felt myself being led where the art of Christ was
my quest to find. In but a heartbeat, in the full glare of a shattered life there appeared the picture, "In the Presence of the Light". At that moment, I stopped being dragged by the undertow of immense pain to drown in a sea of despair. A peace so great and yet so gentle lifted me to a place where I could ride out the emotional storm that was ripping me apart. I felt protected for the very first time. I felt truly loved. Etched in time is that night, for it was no mere chance encounter for that picture was to define the opening of a new chapter in my life. I now own a copy of "In the Presence of the Light" and I now own the right to reclaim the truth that we are all God's children and we are all priceless beyond measure in His eyes.

I have learnt to let go of my past and walk with Him, not in the shadows but in the sunshine of His promise that He will never abandon me nor you. Reach out to Him, He is waiting for you. Father wants to take you Home...

Roy Watson